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Fizzing Yogurt Recalled

Chobani, the popular brand of Greek yogurt, is recalling a batch after consumers complained of fizzing upon opening the product.  The company began pulling the product from supermarkets across the country and says that it believes that the fizzing is caused by a lack of a preservative.  The lack of preservative led to the growth of a common mold that can be found in dairy products.

Consumers Say Yogurt “Hissed” at Them

Several consumers have taken to social media sites to report that their Chobani “hissed” at them, that some lids were “swelling” or “bloated”.  The affected cups include those with the code 16-012 and expiration dates between Sept. 11 and Oct. 7.  Chobani officials say the cups originated from a facility in Twin Falls, Idaho and that less than 5% of the total cups have the mold in them.  No reports have been given on the number of people that have become ill from consuming the contaminated products, although the FDA says that it has received some reports.  The FDA alerted Chobani to the complaints, and the company began the initial stages of pulling the product from store shelves on August 31.  By September 3, the company said that it had identified the mold causing the illness and a voluntary recall was announced yesterday.

CEO Addresses Consumers, U.S. Department of Health Warns of Mold-Related Reactions

Chobani CEO, Hamdi Ulukaya, said in a letter addressed to consumers that the mold had been identified and he told the Associated Press that the problem at been “totally fixed”.  The U.S. Department of Health says that mold in foods can cause respiratory problems, as well as allergies.  Some molds can also produce “mycotoxins”, or poisonous substances that make people feel sick.  Consumers are urged to not sniff moldy products, as that can lead to breathing troubles.  Instead, put the unused product in a paper bag or wrap it in plastic and throw it away in a place where children and pets cannot reach it.

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