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| Grewal Law, PLLC

Have you eaten Jimmy John's lately? According to recent reports, several individuals were sickened as a result of consuming Jimmy John's sandwiches between February 6 and 12 with contaminated clover sprouts. There were 7 cases in Michigan overall, with 2 people sick enough to require hospitalization. The cases were mainly in the Mid-Michigan and southeastern parts of the state.

Specifically, E. coli O26 is implicated in the outbreaks and there were additional cases in Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Wisconsin. The Centers for Disease Control warns that symptoms of E. coli poisoning include acute (bloody) diarrhea and abdominal cramps. Fever may also be present and symptoms last about a week. The elderly, young children, or others with compromised immune systems are at a higher risk of developing more deadly symptoms from E. coli poisoning, including hemolytic uremic syndrome, which causes kidney failure and requires dialysis.

Ironically, just last year Jimmy John's said that it was switching to clover sprouts on its sandwiches after 140 individuals became ill from consuming alfalfa sprouts contaminated with salmonella. The chain claimed that clover sprouts were "easier to clean". One woman in Iowa has filed suit against Jimmy John's.

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