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| Grewal Law, PLLC

A prominent Laguna Beach dentist with a long list of celebrity clients recently lost a lawsuit after a patient complained of severe and relentless pain after receiving a mouthful of crowns. Dr. Sherri Worth was sued for dental malpractice and ordered to pay $641,452 to Ingrid Valdez and her husband Barry Cosgrove for the 2010 surgery that left Ingrid in horrific pain.

Valdez apparently went to Dr. Worth complaining of a gummy smile and chipped and discolored teeth. She believed that she would receive veneers to remedy her complaints, but Dr. Worth gave her a mouthful of crowns–22 teeth to be exact. Valdez subsequently experienced extreme pain and sensitivity even though she paid a substantial amount of money to Dr. Worth to fix her teeth. She has since spent an additional $70,000 on repairs including two gum surgeries and eight root canals and has lost 20% of her body weight.

According to arbitration details, Worth claimed that Valdez suffered from a temporary reaction to the cement used during the procedure. When a records expert went to examine Valdez's medical records, Worth argued that a Diet Coke was accidentally spilled on them, rendering all of the pages unreadable. An arbitrator concluded that Worth's explanation was unbelievable and that Valdez's medical records had been re-written in large part and that the medical charts were unreliable. Worth's work has been featured on TV shows such as "The Swan".

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