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| Grewal Law, PLLC

A tragic weekend accident in Grand Rapids serves as an unfortunate reminder of the toll drunk driving takes on Michigan families. A man with a history of drunk driving arrests sideswiped one car, crossed the center line, and slammed head-on into a second car carrying six children. One child died of his injuries; two more passengers are in serious condition. Authorities say that alcohol may have been a factor in this crash, as well.

Drunk and impaired drivers cause thousands of car accidents in Michigan every year, claiming hundreds of lives in this State. Although most people associate impaired driving with excess consumption of alcohol, many other drugs can contribute to an impaired state. Even legally-prescribed prescription medication can cause drowsiness and slow one’s reaction time.

State and local law enforcement agencies have begun to crack down on impaired driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is leading an effort to raise awareness of the problem and coordinate nationwide solutions to impaired driving. Tougher measures include the use of an ignition interlock device and more stringent sentencing. In Michigan, it is against the law to allow an intoxicated individual to drive a car that you own. If the driver is arrested for drunk driving, a law enforcement officer may destroy the metal license plate of your car, even if you are not in the vehicle.

Drunk and impaired drivers pose a serious threat to Michigan motorists. If you suspect someone of driving while impaired, use extreme caution and put as much distance as possible between your vehicles. Never get into a car with a drunk driver. Drive carefully, use common sense, and remain alert to ensure you arrive safely at your destination.

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