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| Grewal Law, PLLC

Two Disabled Individuals Left in Van as Temperatures Rise Above 90 Degrees 

Temperatures soared above 90 degrees in Kingston, MA on Friday, nearly resulting in the deaths of two disabled adults left in a van for hours as the driver seemingly disappeared.  A company driver for Habitation Associate Corporation was transporting the two individuals to one of the company’s day centers, but did not take them out of the van when they arrived.

Company Owner Says He “Doesn’t Know What Happened”

Habitation Associate Corporation director, Michael Eddy, says that he “doesn’t know what happened” that resulted in the two disabled individuals being left in the van from approximately 10 am to 1 pm before they were discovered.  Eddy says that the driver has been suspended, pending an internal investigation, and that he has already met with him on Friday evening and that he also plans to meet with him on Monday morning.  Eddy also stated that the driver was “clearly distraught” over the situation.

Company Policies and Procedures Apparently Not Followed

Officials at the facility say that the situation was odd, considering that there were only two individuals on the bus at the time they were brought to the center.  They were also unsure if any windows had been left open during the time that the two were inside the van.  According to the company’s policies and procedures, drivers are supposed to turn on a sign on the back of the vehicle when exiting to ensure that they are forced to check if anyone is left inside.  Officials say that it is unclear whether the driver followed these procedures.  The two individuals were hospitalized after the incident and appear to be doing better.


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