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The Centers for Disease Control publishes and compiles data about what types of childhood injuries are most common by age group.  Causes of death and injuries vary among different age groups between the ages of infant to age nineteen (19).  Knowledge of some of these statistics should assist parents and caregivers to more safely care for infants, children, and teenagers.

From the year 2000 to 2006, there were approximately twelve thousand (12,000) deaths and more than nine-point-two (9.2) emergency department visits for non-fatal injuries among newborns to age nineteen (19) year old teenagers.  The most common risks for various age groups, in part, is as follows:

Newborn to Age 1 – Suffocation was the most common cause of death;

Age 1 to Age 4 – Drowning was the most common cause of death;

Age 5 to 19 – Auto Accidents were the most common cause of death.

Notably, overall death rates for Caucasians and African-Americans were approximately the same, but the rates of death were significantly for male children versus females.

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