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Doctors had little hope that Victoria Arlen would ever live a normal life after she suffered from severe spinal inflammation that left her in a vegetative state. But she is defying the odds beyond what anyone would've expected, including her doctors. For three years Victoria stayed in a vegetative state until doctors discovered her spinal inflammation, but by that time it was nearly too late. Victoria's bubbly spirit was reignited but her legs were permanently paralyzed but she still didn't let that hold her back.

Victoria has always been an active swimmer even before her ordeal. Shortly after getting out of the hospital, Victoria returned to the pool in 2010 and has suprised everyone by becoming one of the best paralympic swimmers in the world. She has already broken two records in the 400-meter women's freestyle and the 100-meter freestyle. She is also set to compete in the Paralympics on August 29 in London.

It's hard to believe that just four years ago Victoria's doctors and family weren't sure if she would even live. Now she is defying the odds and she attributes that to her will to live. After getting out of the hospital she remembers her mother saying to her: "don't you ever let anyone tell you you can't do something. If you think you can do it, you can do it." She was right about that, and Victoria is doing it even without the use of her legs.

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