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White pills spill from three overturned prescription bottles

I have had the honor of being part of a team of attorneys representing numerous counties and municipalities in a federal lawsuit against manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of prescription opioid medications for the last four years.  Late last year, three national distributors and one major manufacturer entered into a $26 billion dollar settlement with state and local political subdivisions, with the money to be used for abatement of the ongoing Opioid Epidemic.

Nearly 280 Michigan counties and municipalities are eligible to participate in the settlement.  If all the governmental units sign on, up to $800 million of opioid abatement funds could be directed to Michigan.

Improper manufacture, distribution, prescription, dispensing, and use of opioid medication has taken an enormous toll in the United States.  In addition to the tens of thousands of overdoses each year and the millions afflicted with opioid use disorder, the CDC estimates that nearly $80 billion per year are lost due to the costs of healthcare, municipal services such as law enforcement and EMS, and lost productivity.

This recent settlement is just one step toward accountability for the opioid crisis.  I will keep on this fight to obtain justice.

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