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If you haven’t heard the story about Dr. Yasser Awaad of Dearborn, let me summarize it for you: This neurologist took advantage of as many as 255 of his patients – maybe more – by diagnosing them with diseases they didn’t have and prescribing medication they didn’t need. Why? Apparently to cash in on large insurance payouts for the needless treatment. Not only was the treatment unnecessary, it was often harmful, as the side effects of the powerful medications ruined the lives of some of his patients.

Dr. Awaad denies any wrongdoing, saying he was just exercising his professional judgment. And if a package of bills currently being considered by the Michigan Senate Insurance Committee is ultimately passed, Dr. Awaad and those like him will not be held accountable for their actions.

Senate Bills 1110, 1115, 1116, 1117, and 1118 would essentially grant immunity to careless doctors. Injured victims and their families would have no legal recourse in the vast majority of cases. In the few that could potentially be pursued, the amount of compensation that could be recovered would be so drastically limited that no one could financially justify bringing a case to court.

In short, the voices of victims are being silenced. People are being denied their days in court. And taxpayers (YOU!), rather than wrongdoers, will be paying for the ongoing treatment of these injured people through Medicaid and Medicare.

Do you feel safe going to a hospital where an emergency room doctor can be negligent but not responsible for his or her actions? Would you be comfortable having a baby delivered by your OB doctor who can’t be held accountable for his or her mistakes? If your doctor, like Dr. Awaad, was exercising “professional judgment” but hurting you or your family, are you okay with letting him get away with it?

I’m not okay with that. I have been tirelessly reaching out to lawmakers to warn them of the dangers of these bills, which are being considered on Tuesday, May 22, 2012. Help me by contacting your Senator and the Senators on the Insurance Committee TODAY!

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