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Flint Medical Center Doctor Ordered to Pay Thousands for Botched Surgery

Flint, MI–A former doctor at Hurley Medical Center was recently ordered to pay $60,000 in a lawsuit brought by a woman who underwent a botched surgery.  Deidre Gray-Taylor filed the lawsuit against Dr. Kurt Kralovich in 2011, alleging that the doctor made serious errors during her 2009 gallbladder surgery.  A jury reached the verdict last Wednesday after more than an hour of deliberation.

Doctor Cut Wrong Ducts During Surgery

Gray-Taylor underwent gallbladder surgery in 2009, and her attorney wrote that Dr. Kralovich failed to take the proper precautions to identify the correct duct and artery that needed to be cut during the surgery.  Instead, the doctor inadvertently cut the wrong artery that actually led to Gray-Taylor’s liver and the duct that went to her small intestine.  She was immediately rushed to Henry Ford Medical Center, where emergency surgery was performed to correct the mistake.  Although the second surgery likely saved her life, she was left with a large scar and persistent pain that left her unable to perform regular activities at the same level she once did.

Doctor No Longer With Hospital

Hurley Medical Center recently stated that they had “no comment” on the outcome of the case, but noted that Dr. Kralovich no longer works for them.  Records show that Dr. Kralovich now works for a Dearborn hospital.  His attorney says that although Gray-Taylor was awarded money, it was not nearly as much as her attorneys originally sought, indicating that the jury did not “buy into” all of her claims.  Hurley medical Center was at the center of another lawsuit earlier this year, when hospital authorities allegedly removed an African American nurse from taking care of a white baby when one of the parents protested.

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