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The family of baby Selena is suing Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center and a nurse after the young girl's finger was cut off. Selena's mother, Veronica Olguin, took her daughter the hospital for a high fever and bronchitis and the baby was discharged after three days. However, when the nurse went to cut off the tape holding Selena's IV in place, she accidentally cut through the girl's finger, too.

According to Veronica, there was blood squirting everywhere and the baby was screaming and crying as the nurse cut too far. By the time Veronica realized that her daughter was screaming in pain, it was too late. She looked down and saw that the nurse had cut through the baby's finger. The nurse then threw the scissors on the floor and started shouting for doctors to come help her. They then rushed in and picked Selena's finger up off the floor.

Selena was then taken to Tampa General Hospital so doctors there could try to reattach the finger. However, her nerve endings were so small that they were unable to do so. Veronica's attorney, Luzardo Pendas, says they are suing for emotional and psychological damage and any developmental challenges Selena will face. Selena also said that she hopes that her lawsuit will ensure that the proper procedures and training will be put in place to prevent a similar accident from occuring in the future.

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