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FDA Approves New Non-Invasive Device to Detect Colon Polyps

Although colonoscopy remains the gold standard for detecting colon cancer, sometimes patients cannot have a full colonoscopy because of certain conditions.  For example, particularly thin women, patients with long colons, a history of abdominal surgeries, and those with advanced diverticular disease may experience an incomplete colonoscopy.  Overall, 10% of the population is said to experience incomplete colonoscopy.  However, a new device resembling a pill was recently approved by the FDA and is expected to help doctors gain a fuller view of patients’ colon health who are otherwise unable to have a complete colonoscopy.

PillCam COLON Helps Everyone Get Screened for Colon Cancer

The device, known as the PillCam Colon, resembles a pill that users are able to swallow.  It is equipped with two miniature color video cameras on each end, a battery, and an LED source.  The cameras are able to transmit up to 35 frames per second to a recording device for up to 10 hours.  Data can then be transferred from the device to a computer using RAPID software, and then be reviewed by a clinician.  The new device is expected to benefit 750,000 U.S. patients per year that are unable to have a full colonoscopy.

Get Screened for Colon Cancer 

There is no excuse not to get screened for colon cancer, especially with all of the new technology available to make it possible.  Starting at age 50, all individuals should have a colonoscopy.  Colon cancer can easily be caught for most people through a colonoscopy and stopped in its earliest stages, when it is most curable.  The PillCam Colon is manufactured and distributed by Given Imaging Ltd, an Israeli-based company.

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