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| Grewal Law, PLLC

Lori Dorn, a breast cancer survivor, was outraged after TSA officials at a New York airport publicly humiliated her by patting her breasts down after she set off the security system. Dorn tried to explain to the TSA officials that she had a recent double mastectomy and had tissue expanders placed in her breast for future reconstructive surgery. However, rather than listening to her, or allowing her to show documentation from her doctor, TSA officials proceeded with their patdown.

Dorn was heading to San Francisco last week when a full-body scanner detected her prostheses. She asked if she could retrieve documentation from her doctor from her wallet that explained her prostheses, the serial numbers, and her doctor’s information. Nevertheless, she was not allowed to retrieve the information and had no choice but to let TSA officials pat down her breasts in front of the rest of the passengers going through the security checkpoint.

On Monday, Dorn tweeted that she had received an apology from a TSA official. In its own blog, TSA said it regretted the incident and admitted that proper policy had clearly not been followed. TSA officials also added that they will soon begin a four-part-in-service training course focused on screening prosthetics. Hopefully, this training will end the recent series of TSA blunders, including a Michigan man whose colostomy bag was ruptured during a patdown.

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