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According to recent reports, scientists successfully used the umbilical cord blood of a young girl to treat her own cerebral palsy. That three-year-old girl, Sasha Browne, was injected with the stem cells from her umbilical cord blood and she is now able to walk, talk, and see better than before.

Sasha took part in the pioneer study last year in the U.S. She is the first British child to try the treatment, since the trial isn’t allowed in the United Kingdom. During the trial, Sasha had stem cells injected into her blood stream through her ankle. Doctors hoped that the stem cells would travel through her body and repair the damaged tissue in her brain.

Her mother, Tania, is convinced that the stem cell treatment is responsible for her daughter’s drastically improved condition. However, she admits that she can’t be 100% certain that the treatment is the only reason that her daughter is better since she also had speech and occupational therapy, as well as physiotherapy. Nevertheless, Sasha’s therapists are impressed by her rapid improvement compared to children with similar impairment from their cerebral palsy.

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