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| Grewal Law, PLLC

E-Cigarettes Not Effective in Helping Smokers Quit

I’m sure you’ve seen an E-cigarette by now with its glowing blue tip and odorless emission of smoke.  These devices were introduced as a method of helping smokers to quit their traditional cigarette habit for good, with celebrities advocating their utility in commercials.  However, new evidence suggests that they aren’t that effective in helping smokers quit and that these advertisements are misleading.

Less Harmful Than Regular Cigarettes, But Not Helpful

Although E-cigarettes are less harmful to the body than traditional cigarettes, the aggressive advertising of these products make it seem as if they are the cure to stop smoking.  Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco traced nearly 1000 smokers over a year and found that only 10% of users stopped smoking using E-cigarettes.  Unfortunately, there was other bad news derived from the study: teens who picked up an E-cigarette were more likely to start using the real thing later on.

E-Cigarette Advertisers Use “Wild West” Tactics, Says Lead Researcher

The study’s lead researcher recently stated that she believes E-cigarette advertisers use “wild west” advertising, or ads that unabashedly tout the benefits of E-cigarettes.  For example, one popular brand of E-cigarettes stars Jenny McCarthy in their ads who gushes over the convenience of smoking E-cigarettes since they don’t leave an odor or yellow your teeth.  Currently, the E-cigarette industry is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, leaving them to do nearly whatever they want in terms of advertising.

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    David Carlson

    Gosh, It's seductive cigarette advertising all over again. What's next, the Marlboro e-man?

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