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Revelations are swirling around the meningitis outbreak that has killed several people and sickened hundreds across the country. According to the newest reports, Ameridose, the company linked to the Framingham, MA pharmaceutical company responsible for the manufacturing of the contaminated steroid pain injections, has faced scrutiny in the past.

In 2008, the Food and Drug Administration inspection found serious problems with the production records, procedures, and drug testing at Ameridose. Furthermore, the FDA concluded that Ameridose was not following the "expected procedures" in quality assurance and sterilization. Four years ago, Ameridose was also linked to faulty fentanyl patches that contained too potent dosages of the painkiller and was forced to recall hundreds of patches in five states.

Ameridose and the New England Compounding Center are owned by the same man–Gregory Conigliaro. However, Ameridose has attempted to distance itself from the New England Compounding Center despite the connections since the meningitis outbreak and the deaths of at least 12 people. Ameridose also adamantly maintains that the two companies had separate facilities, separate processes, and separate locations. Officials say that they have no reason to believe that Ameridose sent out contaminated products related to the meningitis outbreak but have nevertheless asked Ameridose to suspend operations until Wednesday in order to allow them to conduct a thorough investigation.

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