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| Grewal Law, PLLC

There may be hope for Alzheimer's patients with the advent of a new drug that gives individuals affected by the disease "super memories" and reverses the degenerative memory effects. Doctors tested the new drug on mice and discovered promising results and are hopeful to achieve a similar outcome with humans, particulary because the mouse brain in very similar to the human brain.

Specifically, both the mouse and human brain release a gene known as PKR, which is triggered by Alzheimer's. The new drug would stop the process by blocking the release of PKR, which would stop memory loss and also boost the brain with a "super memory".

While the thought of a "super memory" might sound very enticing to anyone, even those without Alzheimer's, doctors say it is not their goal to create a new breed of humans with super power abilities. The drug wouldn't be available to just anyone wanting to improve their memory. Instead, doctors say it is their goal to help those affected by debilitating diseases like Alzheimer's to lead normal, healthy lives.

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