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Emily is only 14 years old but sometimes wonders if her life is worth living. She suffers from narcolepsy, a sleeping disorder, that she alleges was brought on by the GSK Swine Flu vaccination. Emily isn't the only victim who argues that the GSK Flu shot developed by GlaxoSmithKline in 2009 is the cause of her narcolepsy, which causes her to fall asleep at random times, wake up in the middle of the night from bad dreams, and suffer from temporary paralysis. A new study lends greater evidence to these claims, as it found an uptick in narcolepsy cases in children in Finland, Norway, Ireland and France that is possibly related to the GSK Flu shot.

In fact, Europe's drug regulator has ordered that the GSK Flu shot no longer be given to individuals under the age of 20. Officials say that more research needs to be done before a causal link can be made between the GSK Flu shot and narcolepsy, but some researchers say that the existing evidence already points in that direction.

The GSK Flu shot was given to over 30 million individuals in 47 different countries since 2009, but is not used in the U.S. because drug regulators are concerned over the "booster" that is contained within the shot. So far, nearly 795 people in Europe have developed narcolepsy after receiving the shot. There are still many questions surrounding the potential link between the GSK Flu shot and narcolepsy, including whether there may be a genetic predisposition in some individuals or other mechanisms at play. However, Emily's life has forever been altered since receiving the GSK Flu shot–while she was once a top student who was involved in many extracurricular activities, since 2010 she has struggled with collapsing at school and falling asleep while having fun. Unfortunately, Emily's condition is triggered by her emotional state, so when she laughs, she collapses. Only time will tell if the GSK Flu shot is the cause of her suffering and the many others like her.

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