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David Mittleman
| Grewal Law, PLLC

By now we should all be able to agree that smoking tobacco products is very bad for your health.  Less clear at this point is the effect of e-cigarette use, otherwise generally known as “vaping.”  Vaping devices hit the market as a supposedly safer alternative to conventional smoking, containing far fewer known cancer-causing agents.  E-cigs have rapidly increased in popularity, but many experts still don’t know what to make of the trend.

New research is helping to answer some unsolved questions, and the growing consensus seems to be that e-cigs are not safe.  Aside from the fact that the electronic devices sometimes explode or catch fire in people’s pockets, causing serious physical injury, there are major long-term health concerns associated with vaping.  Two recent studies have reportedly shown negative impacts on the immune and cardiovascular systems of users.  Vaping companies have also been accused of marketing to minors, leading to a surge in teen e-cig use and eventually conventional cigarette smoking.

E-cigs do have their supporters, however.  Many people have suggested that vaping can help users quit smoking tobacco products, which is a notoriously difficult thing to do.  And, for now at least, e-cigs are considered a generally safer alternative than their tobacco counterparts.  Even so, the American Heart Association has recommended that e-cigs be outlawed for minors and used as a smoking cessation option only when all else has failed.

It took decades for the scientific community and the public to come around on tobacco use, causing countless lives to be lost and tremendous damage to people’s health.  Hopefully the answers will come a lot quicker on vaping.


  1. Gravatar for Lisa

    I can surely say, that without the propaganda from those with conflicts of interest, this is the miracle I prayed for in my 20s back in the 70s. If all smokers quit smoking the truth would show it's ugly head about Tobacco Control and all the way over to those of us millions of ex smokers who successfully without effort quit smoking thankfully, because of E-cigarettes.

  2. Gravatar for castello2

    Do some real research David. Public Health England has done it for you. If you just look beyond the corrupt AHA.

  3. Gravatar for castello2

  4. Gravatar for Verey Bowring
    Verey Bowring

    "the growing consensus seems to be that e-cigs are not safe."

    Bias shown right there, the research goes both ways. However those finding problems always seem to have vested interest in finding the negatives and often "misinterpret" the results of studies and the positives are always smeared by the media. I doubt you've ewven read all the "evidence", try reading everything at before writing biased rubbish.

    Oh and how about all those dabgerous mobile phones, hoverboards, laptops etc. that go around with the same explosive batteries - why aren't the media and "experts" not talking about those as equally ?

  5. Gravatar for Ally

    VAPING SAVED MY LIFE! As soon as I picked up my first vaping device, I NEVER had another death causing cigarette! I love the flavors that keep me AWAY from going back to cigarettes. I can breathe, my blood pressure is down and after FOUR years of vaping, I now have the lungs again of a NON-SMOKER! What makes me more furious then anything is Vaping is proved to help people get off of cigarettes, I see it every day in my store, people decrease their nicotine and there are a lot who have no use for the nicotine anymore and vape for the flavor and the hand to mouth action. WHY...KNOWING that cigarettes are KILLERS...WHY are they still on the market????? You all like to see people suffer? Cigarettes KILL...PROVEN fact, but you want to keep them around for tax money. Shame on you! VAPING saved my life and I will shout that to ANYONE who will listen to me. Vape is NOT tobacco...pure and simple!

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