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Rear view of young people running together on race track.
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School is back in session across the country. Along with the books and quizzes, many students are suiting up for fall sports. In most places, these include football, cross country, golf, soccer, and several other sports.

While each sport has its own specific hazards, observing some general safety tips can help keep the risk of injury down.

  • Medical Exam – Prior to the season, athletes should receive a physical examination to identify any potential health issues that could prevent participation.
  • Equipment – Athletes should have the appropriate safety gear and sport-specific equipment, kept in good working order and replaced as needed.
  • Conditioning and Hydration – Appropriate warm-ups, cool-downs, and preparatory exercises are essential to a safe and successful season. Plenty of fluids and proper nutrition will help keep the athlete going.
  • Well-trained Supervision – Trainers, coaches, game officials… the adults in the room and on the field should be trained to recognize injuries (including the subtle signs of concussion) and take kids out for needed rest.

This non-exhaustive list is a good starting point to help keep young athletes safe during fall sports.  Athletics are a great way for children and young adults to learn about teamwork, camaraderie, perseverance, and more.

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