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Family Sues Over Fatal Coast Guard Crash That Killed 8-Year-Old in Christmas Parade

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According to a lawsuit filed in San Diego federal court, a Coast Guard vessel was traveling at an unsafe speed when it struck and killed an 8-year-old boy aboard a Christmas parade boat. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the boy, Anthony Deweese, and 12 other surviving passengers aboard a 26-foot Sea Ray boat that was struck on December 20 during the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights.

The Deweese family, as well as two other families, are suing the federal government for negligence and wrongful death. The Deweese’s family attorney argues that the Coast Guard boat did not appear to be on a rescue mission and instead was allegedly “hot-dogging” in the crowded bay. Specifically, he estimates that the Coast Guard boat was traveling between 35-46 mph.

Alan Deweese, the boy’s father, alleges that his boat was traveling at no more than 5 mph while traveling through the parade. When he saw the Coast Guard boat flying towards him, he said he went full-throttle to avoid getting hit, but it was too late. The Coast Guard has promised a full investigation into the incident, and the National Transportation Safety Board and the San Diego Harbor Police are also investigating the crash.