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Family of Jennifer Strange Wins $16.5 Million for Water-Drinking Contest Death

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Thanks to a Sacramento County jury, the notorious case of Jennifer Strange, a young mother of three who died after participating in a radio station’s water-drinking contest, has come to a close. Jennifer’s family will receive $16.5 for their daughter’s 2007 death after the jury found the radio station liable for the actions of its employees.

Sacramento radio station KDND-FM held a contest in January 2007 called “Hold Your Wee for a Wii”, a contest whereby participants were instructed to hold their urine for as long as possible after drinking large amounts of water. Jennifer died of acute water intoxication after consuming nearly two gallons of water. In response, the plaintiff’s attorneys filed the wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of Jennifer’s husband and their two sons, as well as her oldest son and his father.

The plaintiff’s attorneys alleged that the radio station was negligent in holding the contest. However, the defense attorneys countered that Jennifer’s death was her own fault by “contributory negligence”. Nevertheless, jurors ultimately found Entercom Sacramento LLC liable for the actions of its employees at radio station KDND-FM.