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Dartmouth College Settles Skiing Lawsuit

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Concord, N.H.–Dartmouth College recently agreed to settle an on-going lawsuit filed on behalf of Christina Porter, a former student at the school who died after sustaining head injuries during a skiing class. However, the details of the settlement will not be made public because of a confidentiality agreement.

On February 23, 2004, Christina was enrolled in a college course for beginner skiers. Sadly, Porter skied down a hill without wearing a helmet and struck a tree. As a result of the head injuries she sustained, she lapsed into a coma for six months prior to her death. Subsequently, Porter’s parents, Brent and Mary Solstrom Porter, filed a lawsuit on behalf of their daughter accusing the school of wrongful death and negligence.

Christina’s parents argued that she was neither accompanied nor instructed to wear a helmet when she skied into the tree during the class lesson. However, Dartmouth College maintained that Porter’s death was tragic, but not the school’s responsibility.