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Charlotte, N.C. Officials Settle With Family of Woman Killed By Falling Tree

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Kay Plyler, a North Carolina town official, was killed in March 2008 when high winds allegedly blew a rotting tree onto her SUV. Now, Plyler’s family has reached a settlement with the city of Charlotte.

According to reports released on Tuesday, the city agreed to an undisclosed settlement amount just before jury selection in the wrongful death lawsuit was about to begin. Attorneys for Plyer say that the city was aware of the tree, which had a decaying root system, but didn’t warn residents of the danger.

Now, in order to prevent future tragic accidents such as the one suffered by Plyler, Charlotte officials argue that they regularly inspect trees year-round. However, the plaintiff’s attorney is still concerned about the regularity in which trees come crashing down during storms and is also worried that the city will continue to fail to do enough to prevent something serious from happening in the future.