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Former NFL Player Wakes Up With No Memory

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When Scott Bolzan awoke in the hospital on December 17, 2008 he didn’t remember that the blonde woman at his side was his wife. In fact, he couldn’t even remember what a wife was. But this was just the beginning of Scott’s story, as the 46-year-old struggled to regain the life that he lost after suffering a workplace injury that left him with one of the most severe cases of amnesia that doctors had ever witnessed.

After slipping and hitting his head on the bathroom floor at work, Scott suffered retrograde amnesia and lost all recollection of his life before the fall–the births of his two teenage children, playing NFL football, his career as a successful entrepreneur, and even how to use current technology. But Scott and his wife, Joan, have put the pieces of their lives back together, one by one. Their book, My Life, Deleted tells the story of their struggles–from financial upheaval and their child’s drug addiction, to falling in love for the second time.

According to doctors, retrograde amnesia occurs with damage to the medial temporal lobe or encephalitis of the brain. Doctors are still puzzled over the condition in general, but Bolzan’s case is even more unique because of the severity. He will likely never recover and retrieve his lost memories, but this isn’t stopping Scott and his wife from forming new memories together.