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Michigan Supreme Court Candidate Bridget Mary McCormack Speaks Out

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Michigan Radio Newsroom’s Cyndy Canty spoke with Bridget Mary McCormack recently in their continuing coverage of the Michigan Supreme Court race. McCormack is the associate dean for clinical affairs at the University of Michigan Law School as well as a professor of law.

[The Court’s role is] to apply the law set by the political branches of government, to provide predictability, stability and the promise of equal treatment to all of our citizens. – Bridget Mary McCormack, candidate for Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court

As you probably know by now, McCormack has been viciously attacked by big money from out of state special interests claiming she wants to free known terrorists.

[The ad is] last-minute mudslinging by a special interest group outside of Michigan [that] confirms what Bridget Mary McCormack has been saying about what’s wrong with judicial campaigns. – Liz Boyd, spokeswoman for the McCormack campaign

Three candidates – Bridget Mary McCormack, Judge Connie Kelley, and Judge Shelia Johnson – have what it takes to steer the Michigan Supreme Court back to the fair and balanced forum the people of Michigan deserve. Next Tuesday, FIND THE NON-PARTISAN SECTION OF YOUR BALLOT and be sure to ACTUALLY FILL IN YOUR SELECTIONS. Voting a “straight ticket” WILL NOT count as a vote in the Supreme Court race. Remember:

Before you give your ballot back, vote Kelley, Johnson, and McCormack. It takes three!