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Masks May Be Safer Than Face Paint For Your Children This Halloween


Halloween masks have long been touted as a danger to trick-or-treaters because of the decreased visibility caused by small eyeholes. However, according to a new report issued by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, 10 commonly used face paints could cause more of a danger: they contain lead and should be avoided. Maybe it is safer to allow your child to wear the mask after all.

According to the report, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics tested for a range of heavy metals in the face paints. Luckily, none of the products contained mercury or arsenic, but the researchers did discover lead in all 10 products. Moreover, there were labeling problems with some of the products. In fact, some products claimed to be hypoallergenic, but had some of the highest levels of nickel, cobalt and lead.

Lead is a dangerous substance: it can cause developmental and behavioral problems in children. Unfortunately, cosmetic products are not required to obtain approval from the Food and Drug Administration prior to being placed on the market. After reading the report, you may decide to skip the face paint for your kids’ Halloween costumes this year.


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  1. Jane Akre says:
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    David- We’re on the same page again. See your National News Desk story on the same topic.

    The FDA could be taking some leadership here, offering guidelines or best practices for companies that manufacture these products. But it doesn’t.

    As a consumer, I’m particularly bothered by the company that claimed their product was “hypoallergenic” “non-toxic” and “FDA compliant” – Aren’t we getting into some FTC issues here?

    Obviously they are lying to consumers – Lead is toxic!!

  2. AJStarhiker says:
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    After reading these, I’m kind of glad I don’t wear makeup.

  3. Alex says:
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    Thanks for pointing to the dangers of makeup. I would like to add though that i wouldn’t wear some of the mask made in china out of fear that i would hurt myself. They don’t really smell healthy either …