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Staying Safe on Spring Break in Mexico

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When it comes to spring break getaways, few places attract college students like the sunny resorts in Mexico. This year, however, colleges across the country and the State Department are advising college students to be extra cautious this spring break due to increased drug related violence in the past year. Some colleges, including the University of Arizona, have point blank suggested students avoid Mexico altogether.

The majority of the drug cartel related violence has happened in border towns like Juarez, Tijuana, and Chihuahua City. That doesn’t mean the more popular resort destinations have been in the clear – with a bomb explosion rocking Acapulco and violence in Cancun, officials are encouraging all students to keep a low profile and be mindful of their surroundings. They are also suggesting students to avoid places where prostitution and drug-dealing occur.

While many college students flock to Mexico because of the lower drinking age (18 years of age), public drunkenness is still a crime, and Mexico has extremely strict drug possession laws. Nobody wants to spend their spring break in jail – and by staying away from the activities that could get you arrested, you are also reducing your chances of becoming the next innocent victim of an intense drug war.