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Starbucks CEO Tells Politicians to Stop the Bickering–Or Else

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I don’t drink his coffee much, but I have to agree with the recent ad/open letter that Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, had published in the New York Times and USA Today. Addressed to his "Fellow Citizens," Schultz states that politicians need to stop the bickering before they destroy the U.S. economy. Additionally, Schultz called on Americans to join him in a national "phone forum" and insist that politicians end their overly partisan behavior–or else.

Schultz, whose Seattle-based company has more than 17,000 Starbucks stores globally, argues that politicians have generated a "crisis of confidence" in American consumers. He also called on 100 other CEOs of major corporations, such as AOL or Zipcar, to stop their contributions to politicians and put up a concerted effort to stimulate growth in their industries.

Schultz stated that he was prompted to run the message and the phone forum after receiving hundreds of letters and e-mails from Americans struggling to find jobs, educate their children, and keep their homes.