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South Carolina Mobile Home Fire Kills 4 Children

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In a tragic accident, four children were killed in a mobile home fire in South Carolina. Firefighters scrambled to save a set of twin 1-year-old girls, and their 3 and 4-year-old brothers, but were unable to save their lives. It took less than 10 minutes to put the blaze out, but the mobile home was completely charred in the inside.

Investigators say they plan to work diligently over the next few days to determine the cause of the fire. Autopsies are also planned for today to determine the exact cause of death for the four children. A photograph posted by the sheriff showed the mobile home relatively normal on the outside, but completely burned on the inside.

The children's mother was inconsolable and authorities are unsure where she was at when the fire began. Authorities are also keeping all nearby residents away from the fire site while they continue their investigation. The mother's neighbors say that she was a good parent and would've saved her children if she knew about the blaze.