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Real-life Sleeping Beauties Agree to Marry Prince That Can Awaken Them

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While browsing the Internet today, I came across something too bizarre and intriguing not to blog about. An artist in Kiev, Ukraine has hired five women to play real life "sleeping beauties" in a new museum exhibit. All of the women were required to sign a contract to marry whomever kisses them and successfully wakes them from their slumber.

Ukranian-Canadian artist Toras Polataiko is in charge of the museum exhibit now on display at the National Art Museum of the Ukraine. Not only did the women have to agree to marry whomever kisses them and wakes them up, but they also vowed that they were all over 18-years-old, unmarried, and have serious intentions to wed. Inspired by the tale of a maiden who slept for 100 years before her true love kissed her and woke her, Polataiko found women willing to abide by his fantasy who will sleep for a minimum of 2 hours per day in the museum exhibit from August 22 to September 9.

Dressed in white lacy gowns, and lying upon elevated beds, the maidens wait for their "true prince" to wake them.


One of the models, Natalia, claims that she will know by intuition when her boyfriend kisses her at the museum and that she will not open her eyes if she doesn't feel that special "spark".