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Philadelphia Building Collapse Kills Six, Injures Thirteen

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Vacant Philadelphia Building Collapses, Kills Six

A vacant building set for demolition collapsed into a Philadelphia thrift store last week, killing six and injuring thirteen others. The building collapse is attributed to a wrecking ball crane, operated by 42-year-old Sean Benschop, who turned himself into the authorities on yesterday. He is being charged with involuntary manslaughter and was recently denied bail.

Building Perilously Close to Collapse Weeks Before Incident

The building, located at 22nd and Market Street in Philadelphia was first being called an "industrial accident". Witnesses say that they heard an ominous rumble before the building collapsed into the Salvation Army Thrift Store on June 6. Witnesses also say that they were anticipating the building's collapse, as the wrecking crew took down chunks of brick at a time. Although the incident was called an accident at first, the attitude quickly shifted as an investigation started immediatley after the building's collapse. Dogs were also brought to the site to aid in the investigation process.


Marijuana and Pain Medication Found in Benschop's System

After Benschop voluntarily turned himself in on Saturday, investigators found that he had marijuana and pain medications in his system. He also has a long criminal history ranging from firearms violations to drug charges, and the property owners that are responsible for his hiring are being pressed for answers. His attorney says that although Benschop feels extremely remorseful for the accident, he is not responsible and that he is also a victim of the tragedy.