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Pheromone Parties Promise To Help You Sniff Your Way to Love

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You've probably heard of dating websites that match you based on compatibility rather than just a picture of a cute guy or girl. However, a new trend in dating is taking matchmaking a step further by pairing people by scent. Pheromone parties don't worry about physical attraction, instead they base matches entirely on the smell of a well-worn t-shirt.

Pheromone parties were created by 25-year-old Judith Prays, an artist in Atlanta. Judith came up with the idea to help people find love based on the idea that intellectual or physical attraction actually has little to do with finding your true soulmate. Pheromone party attendees are instructed to sleep in the same t-shirt for three days straight and then place it in a ziploc in the freezer to keep the smell fresh. Participants then bring the shirt with them to the party and each bag is marked with numbers and labeled pink for women and blue for men.

After marking the bags, participants walk around and sniff the shirts. They are then photographed with the shirt they like the best and the pictures are posted for their "match" to find. Pheromones don't actually give off a scent but can influence mood and behavior in other species. The human body is able to process the smell and create a chemical reaction in the brain. So far, there have only been a few pheromone parties–the first one happened in 2010 in New York and another in occured in Los Angeles this year and 100 people showed up. Not everyone is convinced of "sniffing" their way to love, but the parties have gotten plenty of positive Internet feedback.