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One Dead, Hundreds Injured in St. Louis Tent Accident

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Officials are expected to investigate a tent accident in St. Louis that occurred on Saturday and resulted in the death of one man and injuries to dozens of others after a baseball game. The large tent apparently collapsed under the pressure of high winds, but officials are also concerned that proper safety precautions were also not followed.

The large white tents are commonly set up outside of sports stadiums. The one in St. Louis housed beer and was ripped from the ground when a fast-moving storm sent it and debris hurling through the air 80 minutes after the end of the St. Louis Cardinals game. Seventeen people in the tent were taken to the hospital and an additional 100-200 were treated at the scene for their injuries. St. Louis police identified the man who died as 58-year-old Alfred Goodman of Illinois.

Questions about the tent’s safety remain unanswered. Building Commissioner Frank Oswald said that Kilroy’s beer was granted a tent permit on April 11 and that the tent passed inspection.


He also stated that St. Louis city officials require the tents to be able to withstand winds up to 90 mph and that winds on Saturday were measured above 70 mph.