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MSU Can Be Proud of Head Coach Mark Dantonio

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As any college football fan can tell you, this year’s Alamo Bowl was dripping with controversy. With much of the discussion surrounding the game focused on off-field issues, one thing became very apparent: former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach and Michigan State University coach Mark Dantonio couldn’t be more different. While Leach has been accused of mistreating a player suffering from a concussion (Leach denies the allegations), Dantonio has proven himself to be a man of character.

As our legal system began to work on determining whether some MSU football players failed to play by the rules our society imposes, Dantonio made the tough decision to play the Spartans’ biggest game of the season without those players until he was comfortable with what happened. That is discipline we can be proud of, especially in college football’s “win at all costs” atmosphere. In the long run, his decision will benefit the players, the team, and the university.

Dantonio was put in this unenviable position as a result of a November 22, 2009 fight at an on-campus dormitory. Several football players, including three starters, were allegedly involved in the fracas. The players have been charged with misdemeanor assault and conspiracy to commit assault. Eight of the nine players charged have had their hearings postponed until February as legal negotiations continue. The ninth, running back Ashton Leggett, has pleaded guilty to two counts of misdemeanor assault and battery.

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  1. Mike Bryant says:
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    This is the right message for the team, the NCAA and all of sports. The world of privacy and hiding what happens seems to be over, it will make for tough decisions , but in the long run those that do the right thing will make the biggest difference.