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Michigan Supreme Court Justice Robert Young Tends to Rule in Favor of Corporations and Against People

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Justice Young is a former insurance company lawyer who has been an activist judge on Michigan’s highest court, using his position to push his anti-worker, anti-civil rights, and anti-consumer agenda, ruling for insurance companies 80% of the time. He has been a member of the Michigan Supreme Court since 1999 and is up for re-election in 2010. His closest friend on the Court, with whom he voted virtually 100% of the time – Cliff Taylor – was defeated last November when the people said "enough" to the "Gang of Four" established by former Governor John Engler.

Here are some of Justice Young’s worst decisions:

  • Young ruled to protect sexual predators against the claims of women who were the victims of workplace rape and sexual harassment.
  • Young’s decisions have made it harder for unions to organize and bargain.
  • Young ruled in favor of Michigan’s infamous drug industry immunity law, which shields companies from responsibility when their products harm or kill people.
  • Young ruled to restrict workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Young ruled in favor of Proposition 2 in 2006, the anti-affirmative action ballot initiative, allowing it on the ballot.
  • Young ruled to protect drunk drivers by making it harder to hold them accountable for the deaths, injuries, and damage they cause.
  • Young changed Michigan law, blocking citizens’ rights to take action and protect the environment.
  • Young ruled in favor of requiring voters to present a photo ID.
  • Young ruled to gut and effectively destroy Michigan’s Consumer Protection Act, once one of the best in the nation.
  • And Young is certain to lead the effort to gerrymander Michigan’s legislative districts against Democrats if he is still on the bench for the looming redistricting in 2011.

Watch his recent interview on WKAR "Off the Record" with senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick, Chris Christoff, Rick Pluta, and Susan Demas, and judge for yourself if we want Justice Young to continue serving on our highest court.