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“Made in the USA” Gaining Popularity as Jobs Are Shipped Overseas

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After driving 4×4 foreign vehicles for years, I made a conscious decision two years ago to only buy American when I purchased my Cadillac CTS. That vehicle was made in Lansing, six miles from my office, and bears a seal on the inside of the driver's door that says "made at the Grand River Plant, Lansing". I also prefer domestic red wine to French…what I'm trying to convey is that buying local is good and others may have caught onto that idea, too. In fact, recent reports show that the "Made in the USA" slogan is making a comeback as a marketing tool.

According to a report produced by the Boston Consulting Group, over 80% of Americans are willing to buy American products, and even pay more for doing so; 93% of those people say that they want to buy American to keep jobs in the U.S.A. However, some experts say that they are concerned that the "Made in the USA" slogan is merely a fad, and that American allegiance to purchasing products made in this country will fall by the wayside eventually. For example, David Aaker, vice chairman of brand consulting firm Prophet, says that only visible companies really maintain consumer allegiance–and some of those companies, like Apple or Cisco, that are heralded for their American-made products don't even source products in the U.S.

As for me, I'll continue to pay my hard-earned money for American-made products. But I've been warned to be wary of phony "Made in the U.S.A." products: it is illegal to claim that a product is American made unless both the product and its parts are sourced from the U.S. So lets do our part and keep our manufacturing jobs in this country, where they belong.