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Insurance Companies Don’t Play By The Rules

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While it is true that nearly 50 million Americans don’t have health insurance, this does not mean things are perfect for people who do have insurance. In addition to problems of underinsurance, meaning a person has insurance which is extremely costly and does not provide much coverage, there are also difficulties with health insurance companies retroactively denying benefits. In this scheme, an insurance company combs over your application and your medical history to see if there is any reason at all to deny providing coverage.

Keep in mind, this all happens after they have approved your application and have been providing coverage for months and sometimes years. It’s only when you develop cancer or some other expensive to treat disease the insurance company suddenly becomes concerned if you initialed all those pages or forgot to tell them about the cold you had when you were three years old.

The video below shows what it would be like to live life like an insurance company, constantly changing the rules of the game.