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Icy Conditions, Bitter Cold Make For Treacherous Conditions in Michigan

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Single-digit temperatures and blowing, drifting snow have announced winter’s inevitable return to Michigan. Although our area was spared from the worst of last weekend’s storm, the weather is bad enough to give even the hardiest of Midwesterners a headache. No matter how many Michigan winters you’ve lived through, it can be helpful to review a few cold weather tips to help you get through the season:

  • Driving in snow and ice can be extremely hazardous. Winterize your vehicle, keep your gas tank full, and keep your cell phone charged.
  • Be prepared at home. Winter storms can disrupt your ordinary routine and keep you pinned inside for days.

  • Freezing and bursting water pipes can cause significant property damage. Take simple steps to keep them warm to avoid costly repairs.

Every year, it seems like winter catches us by surprise. By being prepared, you can keep you and your family safe and happy during this beautiful (and only slightly frightening) season.