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I Want a Bailout Too

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Like most business people in the United States, I have many financial responsibilities. I own a home, and every month I make a mortgage payment. I have a business line of credit, on which I pay principal and interest. I pay taxes. And I know what would happen if I stopped paying my mortgage or if I stopped paying on my line of credit or if I stopped paying my taxes. But what if everyone neglected their financial responsibilities? What would our government do then?

For corporate America, the answer is 1 simple word that we are hearing a lot these days: bailout. But for small business owners and the vast majority of middle class America, a federal bailout is not an option.

It seems as though our elected officials are trying to frighten the public in order to subsidize enormous corporations. In our laws and in our economy, large corporations have been receiving favorable treatment at the expense of ordinary people. It is time now for a change that is long overdue. Call your Senators and Congressperson and let them know how you feel. Hold them accountable in this election year. Tell them not to capitulate to corporate America and remind them that they serve the people, not a handful huge corporations. It is time for corporate America to be accountable to the people.