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Horrifying Teeth-Pulling Story an Elaborate Hoax

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Just last week I wrote about a shocking story that seemed too horrifying to be true. According to reports, a Polish dentist pulled all of her ex-boyfriend's teeth in an attempt to get revenge for him dumping her just a few days before. However, we might have all been duped into believing this story.

Polish officials say they are not investigating a dentist named Anna Mackowiak for pulling all of her ex-boyfriend's teeth. In fact, no such dentist exists in the records of Poland's Chamber of Physicians and Dentists. Furthermore, media outside of Poland were apparently the only ones duped by the story–no news media in Poland reported on the case. It seems that the story originated from Britain's Daily Mail newspaper by a writer named Simon Tomlinson who recently claimed to MSNBC that he can't remember where the story originated. Perhaps it was all a product of Mr. Tomlinson's mind.

The story was so elaborate that it included quotes from both parties–the dentist and her ex-boyfriend. However, the American Dental Association says that the entire ordeal is highly unlikely considering that most dentists are only equipped to administer drugs for conscious sedation dentistry. This would mean that "Ms. Mackowiak's" boyfriend (if he exists) would've been aware that his teeth were being pulled at the time of the surgery. This is probably a good reminder that you shouldn't always believe what you read or hear and that it is always important to sort out the facts from the fiction.