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Georgia Man Wins $6.5 Million Settlement In Erectile Dysfunction Suit


Georgia—Jon Henry Howard won $9.25 million dollars in a jury verdict against the Atlanta men’s clinic who attempted to treat his erectile dysfunction, but instead left his penis permanently damaged. The man’s attorney, W. Fred Orr II called his client “the most courageous client” he’s ever had for coming forth with his devastating and embarrassing story.

Howard, a truck driver from Ellenwood, Georgia, heard a radio advertisement in September 2006 by Boston Medical Group that promised “sex for life”. When Howard went for his treatment, he was placed in a waiting room filled with brochures that warned against taking oral medications to treat erectile dysfunctions. Howard felt affirmed in his decision when the clinic staff proceeded to tell him that the Boston Men’s Health Center’s treatment was safer than oral remedies for erectile dysfunction. He was also told that the treatment would be virtually “painless”.

Howard was diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and that the clinic would inject a “secret formula” into his penis. The “secret formula” turned out to be papaverine—an ingredient that the Food and Drug Administration has warned should not be used to treat erectile dysfunction. Nevertheless, Howard said he experienced the “best erection of his life” and ordered a six-month supply of the clinic’s medication to inject himself on his own. Two weeks later, Howard experienced an erection that wouldn’t go away and soon became painful. He was then sent to Piedmont Hospital’s emergency room and was told that the medication had caused fibrosis and scar tissue to form in his penis. As a result, Howard cannot have a normal erection.


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  1. David says:
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    Does this mean he developed Peyronies Disease?

  2. Devon Glass says:
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    It’s not clear from the news reports what, exactly, the diagnosis was for his condition. It sure sounds like Peyronie’s Disease, and here’s more information about the condition. http://kidney.niddk.nih.gov/Kudiseases/pubs/peyronie/

  3. Ben says:
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    I almost went to see Boston Medical Group but luckily did my research. This isn’t the first mishap they have had. Many angry patients online.


  4. Mark P says:
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