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Former Illinois Gym Coach Accused of Molesting Underage Students Settles With Families

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According to a Dupage County, Illinois judge, a $1.5 million settlement has been reached with the families of 13 minor girls who allege that they were molested at an Aurora, Illinois gym by their coach.

Michael Cardamone, the former coach at the Aurora, Illinois gym was originally accused in 2002 of sexually abusing 14 minor girls. After a two-month trial in 2005, he was convicted of molesting 7 of the girls, and acquitted of the molestation charges for the 7 other girls. As a result, his 2005 conviction resulted in a 20-year prison sentence. However, the conviction was overturned in 2008 after the Illinois Appellate Court ruled that the judge in the original trial made evidentiary errors. Cardamone is now awaiting a retrial on the charges of molestation of the 7 girls.

Cardamone’s mother, Linda Lynch, owns the Aurora, IL gym and was also named in a civil suit that was part of the settlement. Specifically, the lawsuits allege that Cardamone repeatedly fondled the girls at the gym, and that Lynch failed to supervise her son after hearing complaints of his actions. Despite the settlement, Lynch maintains that her son is innocent and that the settlement payout merely represents the gym insurance provider’s decision to settle instead of fighting the case. A February 15 hearing is set to distribute the money between the families.