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Don’t Focus on What You Want or Lost, Be Grateful for What You Have

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If you grew up the way I did, you learned that a thank-you note was an important thing to write because it was the right thing to do. However, it turns out that writing a thank-you note isn't just the socially acceptable thing to do, it's also good for your health and for the well-being of those around you.

John Kralik was in the midst of a divorce, lived a dumpy apartment, had a dwindling law practice, and was overweight. Needless, to say John didn't feel like he had much to be grateful for, especially after his girlfriend dumped him. However, after going on a hiking trip on New Year's Day 2008, he heard a voice that said that he shouldn't focus on what he wanted or lost, but should be grateful for what he had. That voice gave him the inspiration to start the year of thank-yous.

For the next approximately 365 days, John wrote thank-you notes to a different person every day. Although it took him over a year to finish the project, he realized that expressions of gratitude multiplied to all those he thanked. For example, when he thanked colleagues for directing cases to him, they referred more cases; when he thanked clients for paying him on time, they paid more promptly. Rather than having an attitude of "giveme" his attitude of gratitude helped him to transform his life and the lives of those around him. He has written 860 notes, is in great shape from his participation in several marathons to raise money for Leukemia research, and has his dream job as a Superior Court judge.


Thank you for reading this post. Hopefully this advice will help your life.