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Does Main Street Have A Cause Of Action Against Wall Street?

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With the recent financial drops and all talk about bail outs, who is helping the people on main street? Many American’s believe that they have been swindled by the hot shots on Wall Street. The news talks about bailing out Wall Street’s banks and firms, but no one seems to be talking about bailing out the average American who has been affected by the actions of those on Wall Street. So where does this leave Main Street America?

For many Main Street American’s, the rise and fall of Wall Street is very confusing. Many people do not understand what has actually happened. Unfortunately, the most many people know is that they have lost money, many have lost their life savings. That is where the legal community can help. The legal community is here to help out those Main Street American’s who are confused about the situation and believe that they have been wronged by Wall Street.

A cause of action may exist. But how do you know if your situation falls into a cause of action? If you are a high profile investor who aggressively plays the market and can afford and have planned for the possible losses, odds are that your situation is not conducive to a cause of action; at least not at this time. But, if your investment plan was geared to saving for retirement and you were looking to invest in conservative, safe, and reliable funds and you have suffered greatly as a result on the situation on Wall Street; your situation may fall into a cause of action, especially if it concerns any of the following:

If your intentions for investing were to place your money in conservative, safe, and reliable areas of the market, and you were told to invest in areas that have turned out not be conservative, safe, and reliable; you may have a cause of action.

If you were told to invest in any of the companies that had recently failed due to their mortgage related/backed securities; especially after those companies had announced that they had major exposure to United States subprime mortgage market. You may have a cause of action.

If your intentions were to invest in conservative, safe, and reliable funds; and you were told to invest in other areas that were represented to you as the same type of thing. If those other areas that were suppose to be similar to conservative, safe, and reliable investment, turn out to have opposite; you may have a cause of action.

If you fall into any of the above situations, chances are you may have a cause of action. But once again, this area of economics and law is very confusing. If you believe that you may have a cause of action the best thing to do is to contact a lawyer. A lawyer will be able to help figure out if you are the type of investor who has a cause of action.

Feel free to give us a call, we will be glad to help place you on the right track in these confusing times.