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Corporate America's Hypocrisy Knows No Limits

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The next time you hear the words "tort reform" and "frivolous lawsuit" uttered in the same sentence, I want you to think about one thing: corporate hypocrisy. Why is that? Because the blaring sounds of "tort reform" and "frivolous lawsuits" are coming from the same corporate giants that have no problems filing lawsuits, and have no problems with lawsuits in general, unless it is one against them by an injured person.

I told you about The North Face’s embarassing charade against The South Butt. Now comes another one from the corporate finger-pointing vault, Weight Watchers vs Jenny Craig! Apparently it’s about a television ad where Jenny Craig claims its clients lost more weight using their methods and services than the largest weight-loss program. That’s it. The ad doesn’t even identify Weight Watchers by name. Better sound the alarms, because that sounds like a truly atrocious slap in the face!

So when people are seriously injured, have loved ones die, or face a lifetime of suffering and loss of independence, lawsuits are bad. But when one corporation’s ability to maximize profits is threatened by competition, lawsuits are good! I think the American public has had enough hypocrisy.