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Children Climb Into “Claw Machines” More Often Than You Might Think

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If you have children, you've probably been nagged for a quarter so that they could play the claw game to win a toy. However, you might be suprised that it's not uncommon for children to get caught inside the machine after attempting to win a toy by climbing inside the door.

In fact, this happens so frequently that companies have started to make the machines differently so that they can prevent children enticed by the toys inside from climbing inside. There are locks on all of the machines, but sometimes firefighters have been unable to get them to open and have resorted to saws to rescue frightened (or maybe gleeful) toddlers. For example, one parent was shocked to find their 2-year-old child trapped inside the claw machine at a laundromat in Lexington, Kentucky. Firefighters were able to rescue that little girl with a saw.

3-year-old Noah Jeffrey also climbed into a claw machine in Australia. That boy was coaxed out by his mother who promised him another toy if he came back out the way he went in. He thought it was fun and games, but according to experts, staying inside a toy machine for too long is dangerous because of a lack of oxygen and hot temperatures. Similarly, in 2010 a 9-year-old boy in Wisconsin was able to climb into a claw machine in Walmart. Firefighters also rescued him before it was too late, although he was completely content to stay inside the machine.

It may be hard to believe, but watch the video below to see a little kid climbing into a claw machine without much effort.


Be extra vigilant with your children around claw machines and other attractive hazards. A few moments could be the difference between a safe, fun experience and tragedy.