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Catholic Dioceses of Baton Rouge and Corpus Christi Agree to Pay $225,000 to Sexual Abuse Victim

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana—the Roman Catholic Dioceses of Baton Rouge and Corpus Christi have agreed to pay $225,000 to a now 45-year-old man who alleges that he suffered years of sexual abuse at the hands of former Baton Rouge Bishop Joseph Sullivan.

Glenn Hymel filed his lawsuit two years ago in Corpus Christi, stating that he was abused from 1978-1982 while attending a Baton Rouge seminary for minors. Eventually, the Corpus Christi school closed, but he alleged that Bishop Sullivan followed him to his new school in Corpus Christi, where the abuse continued. Furthermore, Sullivan apparently also abused the boy while accompanying him on school trips to Hawaii and New York.

Sullivan served as the bishop of the Baton Rouge Diocese from 1974 until his death in 1982. His name was originally on a high school in Baton Rouge, but was quickly erased when another man came forward with a lawsuit accusing Sullivan of molesting him as a minor. That case was settled in 2004.