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Bra Can Detect Breast Cancer

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How about this for useful technology: a bra that could detect breast cancer. First Warnings Systems bras contain a series of sensors that pick up temperature changes in the breast tissue that can possibly indicate cancer. According to the company's website, the bra would be able to detect malignant cells with 90% accuracy.

Women would need to wear the bra for at least 12 hours for it to properly detect body temperature. The reading would then be sent to the company's algorithm for it to provide a report of whether the women's breast tissue cells were normal, benign, suspected of breast tissue abnormalities or probable for breast tissue abnormalities.

The thought of a bra that can detect breast cancer may be too good to be true, say some experts. First, using temperature to detect a malignant cell is a tricky process that isn't so cut and dry. In fact, some thermograms (the type of technology used in the bra) aren't very accurate in detecting malignant cells. Doctors say that thermograms may detect malignant cells, but mammograms and other tests detect nothing and nothing ever develops. The bra is a good step in the right direction in terms of detecting breast cancer quickly and easily, but is in need of much further testing.