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BP Bob Works for Insurance and Corporations … Not For Us.

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So Bob Young says he works for us. He has big huge billboards in Detroit saying that he’s working for us. Let me tell you who Bob Young works for.

Before he was a judge he worked for an insurance company.

Now he thinks it’s okay for an insurance company to charge more money for insurance just based on a person’s credit score. Guess what, his campaign Treasurer has even used the Automobile Club address as the address for his election to the Supreme court.


As a Justice on the Supreme Court he overruled a 30-year old legal precedent that allowed citizens to sue polluters. Now, companies like Enbridge and BP that polluted waterways are breathing a sigh of relief that they have BP Bob on the Supreme Court.


On November 2, YOU can let BP Bob know you weren’t fooled by his billboards.

His decisions aren’t fair. It doesn’t sound like he works for us. It sounds like he works for Corporations and Insurance. It’s time we fired Michigan’s Worst Supreme Court Justice.